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Helping Families in the Bronx

Our commitment to our clients goes beyond the services we provide. For us, it’s personal. No member of the Step Up team embodies that better than Twila Waters. As our Director of Social Services, Twila is somebody our clients trust.

This past October, Twila and the rest of Step Up for Better Living joined in mourning the loss of April E. Loved by the staff and residents of her building, April was a beautiful person. Twila was April’s case worker, and someone April considered a friend. For Twila, the feeling was mutual. In working with April, Twila got to know her family: her son, Justin, her daughter, Brandi, and her granddaughter, Brandi’s one year-old baby. 

After April’s passing, things were difficult for Justin and Brandi. There was a risk the family could be evicted. So Twila began working to make sure they could stay in their home. She is currently working with the building’s management to help them keep their apartment. Just last week, she helped Justin secure an appointment with the New York City Human Resources Administration for a one-shot deal to pay back rent and apply for a rent subsidy program. 

We recently asked Justin about his experience working with Twila. 

“Ms. Waters has been there for me at the worst moment in my life, the passing of my mother,” Justin told us. “She’s been such a great help to me and my family before my mom’s passing, and still to this day. 

“There are people who are like angels, and really want to help,” he continued. “Like Ms. Waters.”

Our thoughts and deepest condolences are with Justin, Brandi, and Brandi’s baby, and with everyone in our community devastated by April’s passing. 

Step Up is always here for our clients, in good times and in bad.