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Celebrating Father’s Day at the Yankees Game

Activities for June included a Father’s Day celebration. Step Up for Better Living Program Director Andrew Thomas, Jr. has written an exciting article about the activity. Andrew Thomas, Jr. wrote, “Step Up for Better Living hosted a Father’s Day Celebration on June 16, 2017. As we know, fathers are special too. A local caterer provided a nicely prepared brunch for the fathers. As an added bonus, Step Up for Better Living surprised the fathers with Yankee tickets. On June 25, 2017, Program Director, Andrew Thomas, Jr. accompanied 18 fathers to Yankee Stadium where the Yankees hosted the Texas Rangers. One of the fathers was a 74- year-old African American male that spoke with such emotion that it touched the heart of some of the fans sitting in the bleachers. He said, ‘I thank you Mr. Thomas and Step Up for Better Living for providing me with an opportunity to see my very first Yankee game.’ Some of the fans sighed and clapped” This event was well received and some fathers expressed appreciation for the chance to take their sons to the event.